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December 28, 9 AM       
Twelve Months of Wellness in 2017
It’s so familiar – eating healthy, quitting smoking, losing weight – all common resolutions for the New Year. You can probably add a few of your own!  Often we lose momentum after the first quarter and by April it’s all over. Today we suggest a healthy strategy to wellness that may help you set realistic goals and actually meet them. We welcome Blue Moose educator, Michael Hennessey back for our last show of the year.

January 4, 9 AM
Ask the Herb Doc! Call In with your Questions
Dave sets one show aside every month to talk about important issues and answer your questions about natural health.  If you need advice from the Herb Doc, you can email your inquiry to customerservice@motherearthworks.com, or send it to Dave on the Highway to Health Facebook page. We welcome your calls during the show as well at 304-428-7267.

January 11, 9 AM
Out with the Old – Gentle All-System Cleansing
Ready to improve your health in 2017?  Why not start with a gentle all-system cleanse? The Ojibawa people had an herbal formula for this purpose, which has been perfected through years of clinical studies. We’ll talk with registered Holistic Nutritionist and educator, Lisa Kilgour, about the use of this traditional cleansing tea, and exactly how it works to eliminate toxins, increase energy and improve immune function.

January 18, 9 AM
Navigating Loss, Finding Joy
Eventually, we all face a stressful life event such as the death of a loved one, a divorce or a humiliating job loss. How we experience and process such traumatic losses can determine our quality of life in the days that follow. Our guest, Ginny McKinney, is a life coach and writer who suffered a sudden loss, and made some brave and incredible changes during her healing journey. We hope her story inspires you.

January 25, 9 AM             
Pathways Life Enrichment Program
Parents and family members often feel unequipped to help loved ones who struggle with behavioral issues, especially when it spirals into anger, alcohol and substance abuse, and violent or criminal conduct. Where can the average person turn for help in our community? Dave talks with Kim Fortney, MA, a certified facilitator with the National Curriculum Training Institute (NCTI), about a program for real change and second chances.

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