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Get your personal health questions answered live on the air by Master Herbalist and nutritional expert, Dave Hawkins. Highway to Health is featured on WVNT AM from 9-10 AM every Wednesday where Dave, aka the Herb Doc, and his lively co-host, Chuck Martin, interview nationally-recognized experts and give practical tips to their callers.

Dave Hawkins

Highway to Health grew out of Dave’s philosophy that an educated community will make healthful and informed choices. Themes address local and national issues, tackling controversial topics such as genetically modified foods, and dishing out nutritional advice on weight loss, pain management, sexual health, and more.

chuck 2013

Chuck Martin

Dave is a West Virgina native who has been a practicing herbalist and Certified Nutritional Consultant for nearly four decades. His primary business is Mother Earth Foods, West Virginia’s leading health food store since 1975, and the primary sponsor of Highway to Health.

 Get information you need to make smart, healthy decisions for yourself and your family. Tune in weekly, or catch up on previous shows right here.  

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